Payday loan fees start at around $20, although some companies offer low cost loans, starting at as little as $10. The actual amount you are charged will depend on a number of factors which are primarily, the value of the loan, and the duration of the loan (how much time you need to borrow the money for).
Fee Disclosures
Loan companies should always disclose the fees in their information pages. They should also display thier fees as an effective APR for the loan. The APR is the annual percentage rate. In other words, it is the amount of interest you would pay, through the fees, if you had the loan for a year. Of course, most people only take out the loans for a few weeks at most. However, disclosing the APR does allow you to compare payday loans with other kinds of loan more easily.
Payday Loan Alternatives and Fees
Payday loans and cash advances are designed to help with short term cah emergencies. Longer term, lower cost loans, are often not suitable for this kind of use. Other alternatives include
Companies Offering Same Day Pay Day Loans
At present, not many online cash advance companies offer instant or same day loans. We recomeend the following – GshLoans Inc. USA, FL.