Debt settlement is rapidly gaining acceptance as the best overall debt reduction method as it combines the best traits of bankruptcy, credit counseling, and debt consolidation without many of the negatives. We can have you completely out of debt in 12 to 36 months and reduce your balances by 40-60%. Your debt problems can become a thing of the past. Think about it. You are most likely paying 15% or more in interest each month on your balances. If you owed $10,000 and make the minimum payment each month, it would take you an estimated 26 years to pay off your debt. You would end up repaying the full $10,000 plus another $9,600 in interest. That is almost the same amount you borrowed and it is all profit for the credit card companies. Do you think they ever want to see you out of debt? You should also keep in mind that this does not include other charges like late fees or over the limit fees. You owe it to yourself to get a free debt consultation from knockout debt. Compare us with the other debt reduction options and decide which method is best for you, given your circumstances.

Remember, bankruptcy is the worst thing you can do for your credit and will leave your FICO score in shambles for 7-10 years. This will make it difficult to obtain loans at any reasonable interest rate. It may also hinder your current or future employment. Furthermore, the recent Bankruptcy Reform Act makes it more difficult to file a Chapter 7 anyway and requires that you attend 90 minutes of credit counseling on your own dime. After that, you may only be able to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy anyway and you will still repay 50% or more of your debts while damaging your credit. Debt settlement is essentially like a Chapter 13 with far less damage. Get the picture?
Our Free Debt Consultation form is easy and confidential. A consultant will contact you to review your situation and answer any pertinent questions. Instead of borrowing more money to pay off what you already owe or destroying your credit with a bankruptcy, doesn’t it make sense to explore all of the available options?…

Debt settlement is defined as negotiating with a creditor to pay off a percentage of the total debt balance. A reputable company employs various negotiation strategies to get you the best results. We are comprised of licensed and trained debt arbitrators who will negotiate on your behalf with your creditors and reduce your balances by 40-60%.

You may wonder how this works. In other words, why would a creditor negotiate with our company? Creditors know that approximately 30% of the 1.6 million bankruptcies last year occurred on debt that was current. Many people survive by borrowing from one creditor to pay another. Eventually they run out of available credit lines and find themselves unable to make payments. If a consumer filed bankruptcy, the creditor receives nothing. Therefore, a creditor is better suited negotiating. We only work with clients that have legitimate financial hardships. These clients could certainly pursue bankruptcy, if pushed too far. Our negotiators know exactly what to say to get you the best savings.

Our debt settlement program allows up to 36 months for the debt to be settled, so we can afford to wait until the creditor makes the sensible decision to agree to negotiate. Our first step is to properly qualify you for our debt settlement program. This is when you will be assigned a personal debt consultant. They custom tailor a program to meet your specific needs. We work with you to determine a monthly amount that you can set aside.

Another one of our debt settlement strategies is to contact all applicable creditors and inform them that our debt settlement company represents you. One of our most important services is to minimize or eliminate harassing creditor calls. We direct all communication to our office. First party creditors can still contact you legally, but most comply with our wishes. Our company also has other debt settlement strategies to stop calls while you are in our program.

The objective is to finalize settlements with creditors, attorneys, or collection agencies representing your creditor. We will provide you with contracts legally authorizing us initiate the settlement process with your creditors. While enrolled in our program, you will make a single payment each month into an account that you control. As funds accumulate in the account, we negotiate with your creditors. Our debt settlement strategies often enable you to escape debt at a fraction of the cost. Once a settlement is reached, you pay it to the creditor from your own account. You will see all offers for each creditor and a copy of this offer will be sent to you for your final approval.

Once completed, you will send the agreed upon funds directly from your account to the creditor. Once paid, your debt to the creditor is considered Settled in Full. You will no longer owe the creditor anything and the account will be closed.…